What To Do With Old Fabrics?

Various fabric swatches

The question we have to answer is not only “What do we do with a drunken sailor?” but “What do we do with leftover fabric?”.

Over the years, I have acquired a number of different fabrics.  Some are still usable in small amounts for things like patchwork quilts.  Others really aren’t good unless you have enough for a garment.  In my case I have anywhere from 1-2 yds. of different pinstripe wools and suit weight linens that are still nice fabrics, but there isn’t enough for me to make anything for myself.

Since there isn’t enough for me to use, I would like to get them out of the closet, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to simply toss them.  I would like to donate them to some individual or organization, but I haven’t found any that need fabric.  They all seem to need yarn.

I hate that my desire to clean is being stalled by a fear of being wasteful. On the other hand, I hate to burden someone else with that which is useless.  That is, after all, how I ended up with so much fabric…I inherited it from other seamstresses who were cleaning out their closets.

Terrier pups waits next to his tennis ball.

Hey, when you’re done cleaning that closet, can we put more biscuits in there?


To take your mind off mid-winter closet cleaning, pick up a copy of Poopiter.   Poopiter follows the adventures of my two pups as they spend their first year together.

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

Poopiter is available from Amazon.


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