Drawing of a buckeye

What? Are you guys planning to go to Ohio State when you grow up? Go Buckeyes!

This day was so perfect! Nothing could possibly spoil it.

Toby innocently stands there, wondering what mommy is looking at.

Just wait till you see what I left for you in your shoe.


Are you stuck at home for the next two weeks?  Possibly with small  children who need to be both entertained and educated?  Then get yourself a copy of Dream Our World Dream Our World will allow you to introduce your children to something called “books” that were made from trees in the old days.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Inside, Bitey and Toby visit a museum (all the real ones are closed, by the way) and view the world of art from a canine perspective.  They also get to explore the museum without any supervision.  Do they act like little gentlemen or naughty puppies?  Hmmm, I wonder…

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.




The Tub

I am so down. Without being able to walk, I can't sleep; my appetite is off; I can't even draw.

Why don't you take a nice relaxing bath?  That will make you feel better.

My legs won't bend enough so I can't even do that! I need one of those old lady tubs with the door in the side.

Whaaaaa!!!! So, do you think she will start hawking Vitameatavegamin next or stuffing her blouse with chocolates? I am hoping for the chocolates, myself.

Yeah, I did opt for the chocolates.

Thanks to my recent injury, this is the first time I have ever given serious thought to a walk in tub.  I don’t really want one, but it has been very embarrassing trying to climb in and out of the regular one.

As the song says:

Bad stuff happens in the bathroom

I’m just glad that it happens in a vacuum*

Thank heavens for vacuums or someone might – for instance – draw this unfortunate event and put it on the internet.  That would be bad.



Cover of the book Dream Our World

To see what Geordie and Toby have been up to when they are not making fun of me, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.  In it, the boys go to the museum of their dreams.

Dream Our World is available at Amazon.


*Thank you to the team at Bob’s Burgers!