Potty Car / Car Potty

When my nephew was little, I got him one of these Hot Wheels Potty Cars. Recently I found out that they have become quite valuable. I wonder if my nephew kept his?

On a semi-related note, I found out that there is such a thing as a car potty. It is a camping toilet that can fit between the front and back seats of a car. You line it with a human-sized poopy bag and add a handful of kitty pine before using. Later you can dispose of the waste wherever waste is disposed of.

I talked to my neighbor about these, and she declared me “bat-sh*t crazy”. In this day and age, though, how crazy is it? I’ve read of people being afraid of using public rest stops because they feel unsafe. Some truck drivers have these rather than using truck stop restrooms. If you live in a house/apartment with one bathroom, having a backup might be nice because plumbing nearly always decides to break in the middle of the night over a holiday weekend. Living in your car? This solves at least one of your immediate problems.

In my family, intestinal disease runs rampant. Several relatives have had to have sections of their intestines removed. Hospital won’t discharge you until you’ve had a bowel movement, but there is no guarantee that more might need to come before you can get where you’re going. (Full control doesn’t come back for several weeks.) Set one of these up in the back of the car with a privacy blanket, and you might have a more confident drive home.

Even if your initial reaction to collapsible toilets is that they are a bizarre idea, now that you know about them, I bet you find yourself thinking about occasions when they might be useful.

Just knowing that I’ve caused you to think about pooping in your car brings joy to my day.

I’ll poop in your car.


Oil painting of Westie puppy.

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