Karma the B-Word

What is left of the sideways tree

Pretend there is a bunch of snow on this tree.

Toby and I went for a walk, and he wanted to visit the sideways tree.  (Turns out he is just at happy peeing on the bottom as the top)   The tree was covered with several inches of snow, so I thought I would be safe from spores. Wrong! My idea to play bouncy-tree and rock the trunk in order to scare Toby backfired.  While he was mighty scared, I ended up having an allergy attack.  Keep in mind that you never want to startle a pup. The universe will get even with you.   After all, karma is a bitch.


Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Poopiter.  It is available at Amazon.  The book tells the illustrated tales of my boys as their friendship begins.


  1. A nasty surprise. My husband recently learned he is allergic to evergreens. It probably would have been helpful to know that before the bizillion times his skin broke out from pruning them. Stay away from that fascinating dead tree!

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