The Biscuit Battle

Happy smiling Cairn terrier sitting next to flowers.

Last year when my beautiful Geordie was diagnosed with cancer, I was devastated.  The vet said my vibrant, active boy had only a few weeks to live so I made it my mission to make him the most spoiled, happiest terrier in all of history.

Geordie has surprised us all by continuing to live a full life despite his illness.  I am thrilled to have my puppy with me for far longer than expected.  What I hadn’t counted on was just how spoiled a little dog can be when he gets everything he wants.

For the past few weeks, he has been positively insufferable.  I have had to cut back on treats and special attention and put him back on the schedule he had before that fateful vet visit.  It has been a difficult decision for me because I realize that I may lose him at any moment.  What kind of a pet parent am I if I deny my puppy his final wish of Marro Bones?   Good or bad, I did it anyway.

Geordie hasn’t given up squawking for treats, but I have noticed that his eyes seem brighter and his tummy isn’t rumbling as much.  He even decided to take me for a walk today.  It seems like an obvious solution to keep a pet on a strict healthy diet, but it is difficult to do when the pet is getting ready to leave.

Geordie insisted that he have a say on today’s blog:

First, I have to tell on Toby.  He went to sleep in my bed, and he didn’t get in trouble at all!!

This evening, Mom took me out to pee.  After we came inside, Toby said he had to pee.  (Never at the same time, right?)  While they were outside, I very kindly helped Mommy open the jar of biscuits in the closet and eat them.  You can tell she likes Toby best because I got yelled at and he didn’t even though he was the one who got caught with the lid in his mouth.  Harrumph.  Why even have biscuits if you are not going to give them to me?!?



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