What’s Going On In The Garden?

Beets me!

Large garden beet

Really, this is how large it was. Not a record-breaker, but still pretty good sized.

Believe it or not, these are both cucumbers.

The cucumber on the left was 18″ long and nearly 3 lbs. The one on the right was even bigger. (I have a friend with some funny tales about a neighbor who accidentally made cucumber bread instead of zucchini bread.) The yellow one was as sour as a lemon. Interesting…a self-pickling cucumber!

Large garden okra

Okra – still pretty tasty despite being large.

Garden watermelon

Thankfully the watermelon was regular sized.

This year was the shortest garden season we’ve ever had. It lasted less than three weeks. The the beginning of the month we had slightly cooler temperatures and a little rain, and everything exploded. After that we were back to high heat and drought. I couldn’t believe that I actually had to buy a zucchini from the store this summer. Normally I find myself tricking the neighbors saying things like “This one would be perfect for zucchini bread!’ then foisting off a green baseball bat on them. This afternoon I finished pulling up about half of my plants. It is too hot and too late in the season for them to produce more. It is sad to know that the garden is basically done.

Gallery o’ Weird Vegetables

(from years gone by)

Get your mind out of the gutter. Those are sweet potatoes.

Somehow I seem to end up with mostly oddly shaped food. Perhaps that is why nobody want to come over for dinner.

I’ll have dinner with you…as long as it’s beans!

(Max, don’t look)

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  1. Do you live near a nuclear plant? We, too, have a collection of weird and sometimes almost obscene veggies mostly featuring daikon radishes. When we lived in Utah we would take long road trips and return to zucchini the size of watermelons and cukes/eggplants like yours. Always good for a laugh. Thanks largely to the cages, this year’s crops are unblemished and beautiful but limited as to diversity because, well, cages. Oh, great photoshop skills, too. So lifelike!

  2. Love your veggies fit for a giant! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ Wowza!
    And weirdly shaped veggies always make me snort-laugh! πŸ˜›
    Decades ago when we planted our first garden, I didn’t realize the squash would grow so well…we put in too many squash plants and had an abundance of squash. I’m sure before the end of that summer my family, friends and neighbors got tired of me bringing them squash…Like, “Quick! Hide! Here comes Carolyn again with an armload of squash!” πŸ˜€
    HUGS and enjoy your veggies!!! πŸ™‚

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