Why isi t that when you get something it isn't called "turn", but when you take it back, it's called "return"? Oh no. Is this another of those conversations that ends with you asking why we don't all bark?


But seriously, why don't you all bark? You'd make so much more sense then. Could I interest in you in a Benedryl or maybe some NyQuil?


Well, a Benedryl does sound kind of nice…zzz…


Memorial Day is just around the corner. That makes it a perfect time to show someone you care about your patriotic side with this Armed Forces Themed Quilt. Each block depicts an aspect of military life while the corner blocks show the human side of our soldiers.

I drew each picture for this quilt, then hand appliqued and hand embroidered every one. Even the quilting is done by hand. Gift this labor of love to someone you love!

This Armed Forces Theme Quilt and other fine gifts are available from my shop at L Bowman Studios.



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