Semper Ubi Sub Ubi, Revisited

Cairn terrier sleeping upside down in undignified pose.Ignore the vest, Mummy.  Let it all hang out!

If you read A Tired Mommy Is A Good Mommy, you will recognize just how important gutchies can be to me. Today I had one of the most disappointing things that could happen to a woman happen:  I found out that my favorite underwear has been discontinued.  If you are a lady, you know how concerning this can be.  Without the right style, not only can you wind up with endless wedgies, but your confidence in your appearance can suffer (and mosquitoes can bite your exposed privates if you go commando!).

Toby and Geordie tried to convince me that living sky clad was the only way to go.  I merely had to remind them of the Lady Godiva incident for them to hush and skulk off to another room.