My Kingdom for a Drawing Program!

Is there anyone out there who could recommend a free drawing program that you don’t need to be a genius to use?  I am working with (and enjoying) Photoshop Elements 6, but I find that I want to do things than it can’t.  I recently tried Krita, and I think I am going to love it….eventually.  At the moment I am still having trouble with basics like consistently using the undo tool more than once and adding text.  The brushes are pretty awesome, though.

I am looking to create an effect that would look like embossing on homemade paper where the texture of the paper is preserved through the text.  Does that sound doable?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Smiling Cairn terrier boy.


Mom, you’ve got to be kidding me.  You’re not planning to spend even more time in front of that stupid box, are you?


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