I’ve Got to Get Me One of These!

Dgo wearing coyote vest, spiked collar and coyote bristles

Not my picture.  It is borrowed from another post.

Geordie says:

A friend just posted this picture of a coyote vest.  Actually, this particular ensemble has a coyote vest, coyote bristles and a spiked collar.   Not only would this protect me from neighborhood coyotes but it would keep Mom from hugging me all the time.  Honestly, she is like Pepe Le Pew, and I am poor Penelope.  It’s awful!

Anyone want to transfer some kibble to my PayPup account?  I’ll pay ya back.  Honest.  (*cough, cough, hack*)


Wanna catch up on what Toby and I have been up to before our next book comes out?  Then pick up a copy of PoopiterPoopiter tells the illustrated story of our first year together.

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

Poopiter is available at Amazon.


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