Visiting the Funeral Home

Picture of a funeral home

On Monday, the boys and I accompanied Grandma to the funeral home to say goodbye to another friend and neighbor we have lost this year.  (Well, we haven’t lost them.  We know where they are, but we can’t see them from where we’re standing.)

The pups and I waited outside while Grandma went inside to pay her respects.  While we were out there, person after person came out of the building and straight over to Geordie and Toby.  They had to greet and be greeted.  They told me stories of their own beloved pups – both those who had passed and those who had recently joined the family.  Every person left with a big smile on his or her face.

Children especially seem cheered and distracted from the grief around them when there is a puppy at the funeral home.  Maybe more could consider having therapy dogs on site for those who need the comfort.  I know I would want to visit the therapy dog.

Two Cairn terriers sitting in the grass.

We’re puppies.  We can fix anything!!



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