The Owie

Pair of boots sitting on grass.

These were my boots when they were young and innocent…before they became attempted murderers.


Photo of swollen and bruised legs.



Fat, swollen, bruised legs.








It is hard to tell from these photos just how swollen and colorful my legs were from the fall.  After more than a week of healing, my left knee is only slightly smaller than it was in the photo.  (Yuck.  Old lady legs.)

Two Cairn terriers asleep on the floor.

I cannot tell you how bored we are with your knees.  Walk us already!

If my boys do care about me being hurt, they are hiding it deep, deep down inside themselves.  Geordie is normally the slowest, pokiest dog in town on our walks, but now he wants to fly.  He is lucky I can’t balance on one leg or I would boot him in the behind.


To see what my boys do when I am not around, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World tells the story of two little puppies who go to the museum of their dreams.


Here is another behind the scenes story from Dream Our World:

The picture called “Dr. T. J. Eckleberg” is a reference to The Great Gatsby. We all remember from freshman English the billboard with the spectacles that represent the eyes of God looking down at the characters? Well, Dr. T. J. Eckleberg is “Mommy” looking down at the naughty pups who are so totally ignoring her that they’ve turned our backs and are playing with stuff they bought from the gift shop.




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