Look Out Blue Puppy…

…there is a new toy in town!Mumy Loofah dog poses for mug shot.

Sude view of Loofah dog posing for mug shot

Side view of mummy Loofah dog toy

Mummy Mug Shots

On impulse I brought home this mummy Loofah dog for Toby.  I realized that poor guy has never had one of his own, although he had several hand-me-downs from Geordie.

Toby went crazy for the toy!  He has been playing with it non-stop.  He loves hitting Geordie with the it and asking me to throw his toy.  He carries Loofah Dog out to potty with him, and they sleep together in Toby’s kennel.

I am not sure if Blue Puppy is jealous or if he is happy for the reprieve.  So far he hasn’t barked a word.

100_5352 - Copy (2)



Come one!  Come all!  You are invited on a journey of the imagination with my pups as they visit the museum of their dreams in Dream Our World.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Inside, the boys view major works of art through a canine perspective all while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun.







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