Toby Was Attacked

New puppy greets Geordie by jumping on him.

I am feeling lazy today, so I  borrowed a picture from Geordie’s past to help illustrate Toby’s day.

My little Toby is a rather timid guy who has a deep and abiding affection for his girlfriend.  Between her house and ours is a little terrier girl who has it in for Toby.  Over the weeks, her behavior has escalated.  At first she would just howl at him.  Later she crossed the street to head-butt him and do some growling.  Today she spotted us half a block away and chased after us before we could walk away.  Her teen human chased after her, but this little pup is a terrier and won’t come when called.  Ms. Crabby Puppy not only head-butted Toby and growled but bit him hard enough to make him yelp.  No blood was drawn, but come on.  This should not be happening.

Since Toby wasn’t hurt, I didn’t look into filing a report.  Also, I didn’t have any third party witnesses to back up my claims.  To Toby’s great dismay, we won’t be walking down that street any longer.  This doesn’t guarantee us safety from the little dog, though.  She was the one I walked home on the day of The Great Roundup, so she has been known to roam the neighborhood.

I guess Toby is going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice and find a girlfriend who lives on a different street.

Sad Cairn terrier looks out of door.

No one in the history of the world has ever been as sad as I am.


To see Toby during happier, more carefree days, pick up a copy of Dream Our WorldDream Our World has been doing some exciting things lately, and I look forward to blogging about them soon.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Come read Dream Our World where art is viewed from a canine perspective, and Toby and Geordie enjoy a day of unsupervised fun!



  1. Oh noes! Max says he’s willing to come over and lay down the law on that terrier. Put the hard 2×4 of truth on that pup. Kick dog butt and take names. Actually, Max said none of that because he is the ultimate beta coward but now is convinced he at least is not alone in his shame. More seriously, that doggo seems to have demonstrated a pattern of reactivity to other pups and that’s obviously a concern to you and others so I would echo the recommendation of a call to Animal Control, not with an eye to punishment, but rather as a wake-up call to the dog parents. Sometimes just getting that contact from Animal Control is enough to get them to clean up their terrier act.

  2. I’ll be the dissenting opinion here. I’d advise to try the reasonable, neighborly approach first. As you know the dog is owned by a neighbor and have even experienced recently rounding up the pup in an escape surely you’re on speaking terms with these folks. Explain the recent confrontation your dogs had and see if this brings it to their attention enough to take some responsible action for their dog. If not, then the next time call the local police department and they would either give you animal control’s telephone number or they will collect names and location and dispatch animal control.
    I honestly think it’s a drastic thing immediately to jump to authoritarian use of power rather than dealing with the problem first as a neighborhood situation. I can see doing that if the dog and owner(s) were unknown to you, but this is not the case. You know them, so just go talk with them.
    If you live in a housing plan with an HOA, then contact them with the issue. People in charge of HOA’s live to enforce rules and dispense punishment to code violators.
    Btw: local animal control officers contracted by towns, boros and municipalities often can be draconian. I couldn’t live with myself if I thought I had a hand, even indirectly, in having someone’s dog put down.

    Signed, Anony-mouse.
    Terrier owner and lover of fine terriers since 4th grade

  3. Good luck convincing the offending pupster’s family to keep better track of their little terrorist, er…terrier. We have a very aggressive Akita next door who gets the what-for from The Ninja whenever we go out in the backyard. Luckily it’s a sturdy wood fence.

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