What Passes for a Compliment These Days

Hey, your face doesn't look too bad today. Thanks

Actual conversation with my neighbor.

Box artistically distressed by Toby.

I used to have to count exclusively on these guys to work as my tears. Today I found a new way. Since I was by myself, I decided to sing along with Happy Together on the radio and burst into terrible wracking sobs. Either my horrible singing hurts even my own ears, or my body is coming up with creative ways to cope with not being able to cry. Either way, got to skip using eye drops this afternoon.

Just don’t cry on me. I hate damp fur.


I heard that retailers are looking to start the Christmas shopping season tomorrow. In case you are hoping to get a super early jump on the holidays, come to my shop where you can pamper yourself with handmade luxury.

Socks are available at my shop.


  1. Aw, ( 😦 )it’s amazing what people will say. I always want to believe they mean well.
    Aw, ( 😦 ) on your tears. Glad the cry helped. If I want a good cry I have go-to songs, books, movies that get me bawling in no time. 🙂
    As for Toby… his artistically distressed box should be mounted on canvas, framed, and hung on a wall. 😉
    And I understand about not wanting damp fur. 😉 😛

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