Bad News for My Slithery Friend

It looks like even a scary snake can’t stand up to a neighborhood kitty cat. Snakey was found dead today with a fang mark in his…abdomen?

Pencil sketch of hairless cat.

Looks like we’ll have to count on the bats to keep us safe from mosquitoes.

Do you think if you coughed on it you could give it back?

No wait, maybe we shouldn’t trust the bats.


This image is posted for a friend who questioned the unfailing efficacy of masks.

You know what they say: Never trust a fart. It could give you covid.


  1. I prefer bats flying around over snakes slithering into homes. (Years ago, when we lived in another state, the bad-snakes would get into our garage, laundry room, back yard, front walk by the front door, etc. I hated that!!! 😦 )
    Although I once had to go help a friend chase a bat out of her cabin. 😮 That was a sight to see! 😀

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