The Circle Closes

A day after Toby killed that chipmunk. we found the brother in the exact same spot. Either these two weren’t very good at being chipmunks, or this one was so despondent over losing his kin that he allowed the neighborhood kitty to send him to the other side.

Either way, I am hoping that the wires in my car will be safe for a little longer.

You should have let me catch that one too, mom.

I would a kil’t ‘im real good.


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Bad News for My Slithery Friend

It looks like even a scary snake can’t stand up to a neighborhood kitty cat. Snakey was found dead today with a fang mark in his…abdomen?

Pencil sketch of hairless cat.

Looks like we’ll have to count on the bats to keep us safe from mosquitoes.

Do you think if you coughed on it you could give it back?

No wait, maybe we shouldn’t trust the bats.


This image is posted for a friend who questioned the unfailing efficacy of masks.

You know what they say: Never trust a fart. It could give you covid.

Toby Saves the Day


Drawing of stinky socks surrounded by flies.

Meet teeny, tiny Toby,

His toots more lethal than old socks!

And if you ever smelled them,

You’d be a pine-y box.

wooden coffin with cross on it

All of the folks around him

Looked upon his toots with fear.

On more than one occasion,

They’d been known to kill a deer.

Two deer dying of stink fumes from Toby's toots.

Then one sunny afternoon

Recruiters came to ask:

“Toby with your toots so rank,

Won’t you come augment our tanks?”

Army recruiter asks Toby to join the cause.

Toby stands atop a tank, tail pointed toward the enemy.

Then how the nation loved him

As they sang and did a dance.

You, teeny tiny Toby

You have lethal flatulence!

Toby surfs on a grateful crowd after his farts save the day.

The itty bitty monster was living up to his reputation again this week….