Christmas Cookies

Another season...another reason...for baking cookies! That's not how the song goes. Mind your own business!

I don’t usually bake cookies because…well….I’m lazy.

Sweet potato that Toby dug up in the garden

I still have an abundance of sweet potatoes from the garden, so I decided to try out a new recipe – Sweet Potato Cookies.

A surprise arrived when I went to make the cookies – a double yolked egg! I have no idea if they are good luck or not, but they did make the cookies extra cholesterol-y.

I got this cookie plate probably 30 years ago, but I never got to use it until now. I just felt like celebrating that the puppy and kitty finally got to watch for Santa.

Don’t I get to have some? I like sweet potatoes.

To make your celebrations even more festive, add this hand-stitched Chicken and Egg Bread Cloth to your table!

Country Fresh

Foods will taste even better when their presentation is enhanced with hand made care. Chicken and Egg Bread Cloth is available from my shop.


  1. These cookies sound so yummy!
    Both Coop and I love sweet potatoes…sadly for him, he’s been only on his dog food for years now. BUT, I will be having baked sweet pot’s soon! Making them into cookies sounds wonderful!
    Did you find the recipe online?!?!
    (((HUGS))) and thank you!!!
    PATS and RUBS for Toby!!!

  2. This is a very appropriate post because todays is National Pfeffernusse Day! Sweet potato cookies sound great although I have never had one. But I never met a cookie that I didn’t like. Max loves Japanese sweet potatoes and eats them along with the AJF – satsumaimo are a dessert treat to Japanese whose legends say it keeps away wrinkles!

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