Toby and the Minion

So what happened to Toby? It seems like he hasn’t been around much. Is he OK?

Yes! Toby is doing great. He is his usual funny self and has turned out to be a very good helper in the garden. The problem has been his dopey mom.

This was me today, doing some gardening.

I am still struggling with eye issues. In an effort to combat extreme dryness, I have taken to wearing swim goggles whenever I go outside. While goggles do make it soooo much more comfortable to blink, I feel beyond dorky wearing them. I had to laugh when I realized that both Toby and one of the little pups I’ve been watching get excited when they see me put my goggles on because it means they might be going for a walk.

I may love you, mom, but I am still going to hide my face in shame whenever we go out.

The good news is that things have been moving along behind the scenes. Soon I should be able to start scheduling appointments with eye doctors to hopefully get back to normal. Then Toby can have more adventures. Yippee!

At Toby’s most recent vet visit, he put on such a show with his talking that the staff there recorded him and put him on the company FaceBook page. My little monster is on his way to being a star!

What do you mean “on my way”? I am already a star!


  1. You are not alone re goggles. Post cataract op, with cooking strang verboten I decided to avoid human and canine starvation I would wear goggles when cooking. Luckily no one took a picture…
    Did Toby get his slice of cake?

  2. Coop and I already thought Toby is a star! ⭐
    And we think Minions are cute!
    AND we bet your rock the goggles, SweetL! Wear ’em like a fashion statement and soon others will join in! 😉
    Hope you can see the eye doc soon and get some help. We want you and your eyes to be well!
    It is so cool how our pups are so smart…goggles = a walk to do our bid-ness and check our p-mail!
    😉 😀 😛
    Just one of many examples related to Cooper…when I’m talking on the phone he lays beside me. Then, I don’t know if it’s the words I say or my tone of voice, but somehow he knows when I’m about to say “goodbye”/getting ready to hang up, because he stands up. Ha! 😀 And he’s right every time! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) and ❤️ 🙂

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