The Closet (The Handbag)

Cold weather brings about many rituals in the North, including switching from Summer to Winter wardrobes.  It is a time to reevaluate which items will be traveling with you into the next season and which will have to be tossed or donated.

This most recent change showed me that my beloved “Cream Puff” purse had succumbed to age.  (Cream Puff was the label it came with, and it truly lived up to its name with its soft, sweet, poofy nature.)  The top had finally cracked exposing the padding beneath.

Cracked top of beloved Cream Puff purse.

I checked several places for a possible replacement, but the quality of what I was finding was just so disappointing.  I decided that I would rather keep what I had, so I looked for ways of making it better.  The lady at the shoe and luggage repair store told me there was nothing to be done, and that gave me the permission I needed to experiment with my own solutions.

Small black Cream Puff purse with new black flap.

By some miracle, I found an upholstery fabric that was the exact color and texture of the purse I needed to fix.  After all these years the original fabric was too delicate to take apart and reconstruct it, so I did a fudge-repair.  I covered the old with the new and did the stitching by hand.  I am grateful to still have my faithful buddy with me even though we don’t get to go out as often as we used to.

Toby thinks I am crazy for putting all of this work into a purse, but Geordie told him, ‘You are too young to realize but….those things hold biscuits!!!

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