For My Friend Max

Unhappy terrier wearing Christmas Santa outfit.

When I get this strap off my jaw, I am SO going to bite you.

Unhappy terrier lying down while wearing Christmas Santa outfit.

I’m in my happy place… I’m in my happy place…

Unhappy terrier playing dead while wearing Christmas Santa outfit.

Maybe if I play dead, she’ll go away.

Dear Max, at least your Papa had the excuse of being tipsy when he got too close to that one-click Amazon button. My Mom was completely sober when she made this.


Cover of the book Dream Our World

Copies of Dream Our World are still available!  Recent readers have commented on how good the book is at introducing youngsters to art.  If there are any little ones or even teachers in your life, consider inviting them to The Museum of the Imagination.

Come with Bitey and Toby on their adventure to the MOTI.  There they view the world of art from a canine perspective while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun.

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.