Doesn’t It Just Figure…

Bored terrier lies next to his tennis ball.

So Ma, why no recent pictures of me and my antics?  No new stories about what is going on in the neighborhood?

For a while I’ve been aware that I would have to replace the battery in my camera.  I could only take about 10 pictures before it needed a charge.  I put off buying a new one because shipping was more than the battery itself.  I finally lucked out last week and found one with free shipping.  Yippee!

Today I plugged the camera into the computer only to find that they will no longer connect.  Crap!  Crap!  Crappity-Crap-Crap-Crap!  I have pictures in memory, but I can’t download them.  I would take the card out to use in one of the computer ports, but this is one of those micro chips that are so tiny a slight puff of air will blow it where you’ll never find it.  I took the thing out once, and it was so hard to get back in I swore I would never do that again.

This reminds me of how Bitey Dog got started.  I didn’t have a camera to document my puppy’s antics, so I drew them.  Looks like literally I am back to the old drawing board…..


Bitey and Toby don’t care about the camera situation as there is no flash photography in the MOTI.  Come with them as they visit the museum of their dreams in Dream Our World.

Cover of the book Dream Our World


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