Schroedinger and Dirty Hankies

Black and white cat sitting in box

Earlier this year business was slow.  As soon as I got sick, though, all sorts of requests started pouring in.  It has left me with mixed feelings about colds.  Sure they hurt like heck and my dreams turn weird, but it does allow me to buy more biscuits for my stinky Toby.

Toby is totally behind the idea of me getting sick.  Turns out he is particularly fond of dirty hankies.  Toby was inspired by my last post to want to chase a little sister around with gross hankerchiefs, so when I had a dream of him getting an itty bitty Westie sister he was all on board.Arf! Arf! Arf!

He claims he won’t put his little sister in a box with dirty hankies as a science experiment, but I see no reason to trust him.

Sad Cairn terrier looks out of door.

Aw, Ma, how can you say you don’t trust this face?

(Where did you put that latest box from Amazon?)


To help Toby get even more biscuits, pick up a copy of Dream Our World

Cover of the book Dream Our World

In Dream Our World, Bitey and Toby go on an adventure to the Museum of the Imagination.  Fortunately, this museum is very welcoming.  No one hovers over your shoulder or yells at you for wanting to touch the artwork.  It is a fun place to go!

Inside, the pups view the world of art from a canine perspective and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.


If you already have a copy of Dream Our World but would still like to help Toby eat too many biscuits, order a pet portrait form L. Bowman Studios.  (A sample of my work is above.)


  1. Woah, Toby, that is one massive dog tag. Don’t fall in the creek with that or you’ll drown. I think you and Jacques over at Lynn’s Fool for France blog should have a dirty white dog competition. Max might even join in on the fun. Meanwhile, give your Mom some chicken soup and tell her to get well.

  2. When is the happy addition to the family? Westies are nice little dogs. My girl like to watch classics movies from the 60s to see her people; she’s quite alone in the dog universe. Clearly she needs a brother.
    How is the sonic tick and flea prevention working? It has mixed reviews, but if t works for a Cairn it likely would work for my sweet baboo, too.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better and business is busy.

    • So far the new addition is just a dream. I wouldn’t mind a little Westie girl, though. Geordie was often mistaken for one, and thanks to him I have developed an extra fondness for them.

      While my boys wore the flea and tick medallion, they never had any problems with bites. I used those when Toby was too young for some of the other treatments.

      : – )

  3. Unreal. Toby looks like a kid who taught Jacques to dig in the dirt. I’m sure your little guy has a fine alibi, living on a different continent and all, but, I don’t know, telepathy?

    Apart from the sudden influx of critter-carried mud, I can highly recommend Westies. Mine is sleeping next to me as I type, if poking at an iPad can be called that. In his pre-bath state he is exactly the color of Toby in your photo above.

  4. HA! 😀
    Oh, yes, you must always trust that face, right. ??? 😛
    Wonder how Toby would do with a little sister. I’ve wondered that about Cooper, too. Coop likes small female dogs…a lot. But if one moved in and got bossy…I’m not sure he’d like it. Ha! 😀
    I learned of Schrödinger’s cat from the TV show The Big Bang Theory! 😉
    GREAT drawing and post! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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