Everyone’s a Critic


Suspicious shredder with ears and a tail handle.

Little Cairn Terrier chews a piece of paper.

Dog-chewed sketch paper

sketch of cartoon puppies

People laugh at me for leaving things in my trash can because I know Toby is going to climb in and make a mess.  The problem is that if I don’t leave anything in there, he will go after something I care about.  Last night he decided that my trash can wasn’t interesting enough and chewed up a sketch book.

Toby innocently stands there, wondering what mommy is looking at.

OK, so maybe I chewed up some papers , but I definitely wouldn’t put a baby sister in a box.


To enjoy more of my boys’ naughty antics, pick up a copy of PoopiterPoopiter follows my illustrated boys during their first year together.

Cover of the book Poopiter

Poopiter is available from Amazon.



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