Blue Puppy/Red Monster

Check you slippers in the morning, Mom.

Toby and I play a game where he gets a treat for touching the toy that I name. This day, we were playing “Blue Puppy/Red Monster”. He did well with Blue Puppy, but when I called out “Red Monster”, he bopped me on the head.

Sorry, Toby. There are no rewards in life for honesty.


Are you expecting a new little monster in your life? If so, welcome him or her with a handmade layette set. This sweater, hat, socks and blanket were all painstakingly (and I do mean painstakingly) made of extra soft brushed acrylic.

Layette Set (and other fine gifts) are available from my store.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the belly laughs! 😀

    Coop knows his “girlfriend”, “the fox”, “ball”, “bunny” and a few other toys by name. And I’ve never rewarded him with treats…hmm…probably would’ve learned his toy “names” faster if I had offered treats. Ha. I need to apologize to him. 😉 😛

    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    BEAUTIFUL layette set!

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