Dog Days of Summer

Never mind finding Waldo…find Toby!

Bitey and Toby are part of the Dog Days of Summer display at the Glendale Public Library in Arizona! If you happen to be in the area, stop by to Find Bitey & Toby, read a good book or do a fun craft project related to well-known literature

Toby and I are so honored to be part of this display. A big thank you to the wonderful librarians at the library!

Dream Our World

Dream Our World can be borrowed through the inter-library-loan system or purchased through my shop, L Bowman Studios.


You are being boring so I am going to steal this sock.


  1. So Wonderful! Congrats to you and to Toby!
    ((((HUGS))), PATS, and RUBS!!! 🙂
    PS…Ooh! Socks are fun! Coops like to carry them around! Sometimes I put a small toy or tennis ball in the sock and Coops like to get it out! It’s fun to watch him! 😀

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