Do you think there are baby zombies?  Sometimes infants die, so I suppose it's possible.
But do you think you'd need to be afraid of them?  I mean, they can't walk, and they don't have any teeth.  That new bedtime isn't making a bit of difference, is it?
Toby dressed in a striped sweater.

I’m Freddy Kreuger, for heaven’s sake. Of course I’m up all night!


If you would like to wrap your bundle of joy in snuggly softness instead of zombie goo, consider giving him or her one of these baby blankets. Each blanket is warm and is made of super-soft yarn that will be gentle against baby’s delicate skin.

These blankets, and other fine gifts, can be found in my shop at L Bowman Studios. Now is the perfect time to buy domestic goods since inventory is already in the country. Hurry. Supplies are limited!


  1. HA! I snort-laughed!!! Oh, the ponderings of life’s deepest questions. 😉 😛
    I’ve never been worried about zombies. My brain isn’t even snack-sized…it’s only fun-sized. A zombie would need a whole bag of brains my size to make a meal! 😉
    Love your snazzy Freddy K sweater, Toby! 🙂
    PATS and RIBS…or RUBS!!! 😛

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