Gasoline, Schmasholine

Everyone is complaining about high fuel costs, but my tale of inflation is worse. Oh so much worse!

I had to pick up this scant amount of art supplies, and it cost $36 friggin’ dollars!

From now on I am doing pet portraits with finger paints. The Bitey Dogs will have to go naked and be black and white. Sheesh, talk about highway robbery…

I can’t speak for Illustrated Me, but Real Me likes going nekkid.


  1. Averaging over $4 per implement, is that steep? What would have the same purchase cost a year ago?
    This must be where the phrase “starving artist” or “poor art student” originated.
    It’s expensive just to live, let alone to enjoy life. I’m beginning to adopt my 35 year old niece’s phrase of “I don’t like adulting”, unfortunately I have no choice. At 35, believe it or not, she still does.

      • I’d absolutely love to skip adulting! Age 35 or 85, clearly it’s overrated.
        I genuinely hope you don’t end up living in a van down by the river. Did you see Nomadland? For my money Frances McDormand is better than Meryl Streep, more real, and she’s poised to pass Meryl in the golden statues. In any case, it showed how being a nomad wasn’t a tale of woe that involved mental health/addiction issues. (If you want that topic watch Hillbilly Elegy) It was purely economics and it can happen to anyone. Very frightening. Our home is what keeps us and our family safe. Losing it would be awful. As for my niece, her mom brings down six figures per year, so she’s safe for now, unless something happens to my sister.

        Weird question, did artist make their own brushes ever? Maybe not Van Gogh, but DaVinci, maybe? Or has that been a craftsman made tool for the past 1,000+ years?

        • Yes, artists did make their own brushes way back when. I am one of the lazies who doesn’t stretch her own canvases, mix her own paints or make her own brushes. (I know of one artist who made his from his cat’s fur.)

          Wow, both of those movies sound very interesting and educational. I’m going to have to look them up. I am not brave enough to take a car with me to head to the river. (How motivational those speeches were!) There are a lot of legal and financial burdens that go along with cars. At the moment I am planning to go on foot with either a backpack or full pockets.

          • Cat fur brushes? Interesting. Your friend must have the patience of a saint to piece all those little hairs together. It was all I could do to keep them vacuumed up (I have been owned by 4 cats).

            Your local library is a good resource for movies. My sister borrows 99% of the movies she watches. Inter-library loans and their website have made all this possible. What did Jerry Seinfeld say about libraries being the pathetic kid who lets you borrow their toys… those poor fools at the library used to get a nice donation, but since now they levy a tax attached to the real estate tax, they only get what they ask for…, oh well. (That’s me adulting)

            Oh, do you have a rock collection for your pockets, too? I only have a few, but they are very special. One is a secret rock from a secret place, so, it’s a secret!

  2. Wowza! 😮 I feel ya’! 😦
    Toby, HA! You made me snort-laugh! Butt, my oh my, you do look great nekkid! 😀 Coops loves being nekkid, too! From a quote from an old movie, we always say to nekkid Coops, “Everybody’s gonna’ see what the stork saw, Cooper!” HA! 😉 He doesn’t care. 😉 😀
    PATS and RUBS!!! 🙂

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