@#$&*! Part II

In following up after Friday’s scheduling debacle, I decided approach my GP first. At a previous visit she had said that she might be able to expedite an appointment with a neurologist. The GP wasn’t in the office today, but she is expected on tomorrow. I left a message so that she has the opportunity to get the ball rolling even before I check in again.

I also brought up the idea of Evoked Potential Testing. I said that if she thought it might help with diagnosis – and was able to schedule it herself – I could have it taken care of before any neurological appointments. From what I’ve read, this is a pretty good test for determining whether someone has MS or not.

I also plan to request an additional appointment with a different neurology group. Then the two can compete to see who keeps their appointment first.

Oh my gosh, you are so boring. Just throw the ball already!


  1. Excellent ideas! Good luck and bestest wishes as you pursue these avenues!
    Sending Toby in ahead of you sounds like a grrr-eat idea to me! 😉
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    Hey, Toby! Your handsome face and your beautiful smile do my heart so good! 🙂 Thank you! ❤️
    Coop sends Cooper-KISSES to you! 🙂

  2. I wrote a long reply yesterday, but managed to spell my pseudonym wrong, so my message was moderated and kicked out! Hrmphh!! But my idea was to do a two-pronged approach, too. By also bringing the GP in then hopefully things will move along even better yet. I hope you can relax now, at least for a few days over Thanksgiving. Happy turkey day to you and yours! A nice turkey and rice soup would be fabulous!

    • Actually I did get your post from yesterday!

      I had an opportunity to meet with an orthopedist who went through a differential with me. That was interesting. I am grateful for the time he spent explaining so many things.

      My GP got back to me today and said that she has no influence with the local neurology practice but offered to write a referral to a doctor of my choice in a different network. I’ve tentatively chosen two. One isn’t terribly far away but doesn’t specialize in MS. The other is much further away and is an MS specialist. Since I don’t even know if I have the disease, I don’t know if it is worth the extra travel. (Fatigue is a serious issue for me.).

      One thing I am really grateful for this Thanksgiving is the support and help from my online friends!

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