@#$%! Part III

After waiting six months for an appointment with a neurologist, I had my appointment cancelled at the last minute. I was kicked to the back of the line as if I were a complete newbie. This was on Nov 18. I was so frustrated that I requested to see a different neurologist from a different group on Nov 21. The doctor asked which neurologist I would like to see, and I provided a name. Two weeks later I received a call from my PCP saying that someone from the new neurologist’s office would be calling in a few days. I realized that it was unlikely anyone would be punctual so close to the holidays, so I didn’t panic when I didn’t hear anything right away.

On Thursday I felt that I had waited long enough and called my PCP to ask that they remind the neurologist to phone me. The woman who answered the phone said, “What? You would like an appointment?” Then she tried to rattle off the number of the doctor I refuse to see. No, no no! I told her that things had already been arranged with someone else. She put me on hold. “Oh, you were supposed to call them.” No I was not!!! Not only was I not to call them, I do not have their office phone number. She put me on hold again. Then she tried to give me the number for central booking where no one can answer any questions because they are only scheduling, not the office. I was so angry that the ball had been dropped yet again and I had this person trying to push the responsibility for it on me that I snapped. I yelled at her and told her that the information she needed is in the file and that she needed to go back, look it up and make things right. Then I hung up on her. (One thing I miss with cell phones is the ability to slam a phone.) Now I have to call yet again and try to talk to someone who has a clue.Is there something wrong with me that I am so exasperated? I know medical offices are shorthanded, but so is everybody. In spite of that, the garage fixes my car. The bank handles my money. Amazon ships my goods. UPS delivers my packages. Everyone else is managing to keep good records and perform their jobs. There is no excuse for this level of incompetence.

I have a feeling that I am never going to make it to see a neurologist. I am going to have a stroke first.

Ugh, not another “you” story. You’re so boring.


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  1. Ooooh no. I was wondering how this was going and it seems not to be going at all. I would be beyond frustrated and angry. Can you leave a message for your GP to call you? No middle person. Or their nurse? When I call my dr. office for something I ask for the nurse. I may get VM but someone usually gets back with me fairly quickly. I’m so sorry. **smh**

  2. The sad reality is that after yelling at the person on the phone you were probably wiped off their records completely in revenge. Don’t know if it would work for you but I found one sure way to get some fire lit under tails is to show up in person. “Hi, I’m here to schedule the appointment you folks can’t seem to do on the phone.” Then, don’t budge.

  3. Sorry to hear all of this. 🙁 I know it is SO frustrating and angering. 😦
    We had been playing run-around on the phone with an orthopedist’s office (to schedule an appointment) AND, also, to just get a referral to schedule a med-test with another med-facility. Going in face-to-face helped get some things scheduled.
    But, it shouldn’t take that. It should just be done on the phone.
    Some good news…my regular GP doc-office assigned everyone a Care Manager. A person you call and talk to on the phone or in text messages and they will schedule appointments for you at their office and get meds renewed for you, etc. So I can talk to my care manager Ashlee and she helps me via the phone. 🙂

  4. I second the suggestion to go in person. Just stick to your guns and watch them make the calls.
    Here we have the most obstreperous medical secretaries possible who specialise in slamming down the ‘phone – they still have them here – when you ask pointed questions like ‘How do you think an examination of the lungs can be done over the ‘phone as you suggested when cancelling the last appointment? Could you refer me to the research into diagnosis by long distance cough?’

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