Chippendale (Warning: Mature Content)

What? Death is a mature subject!

While my Geordie was quite the hunter, Toby hasn’t really followed in his footsteps (paw prints?). That is what made his killing of this chipmunk so surprising. Toby was really proud of himself, and I guess part of me was as well…until I saw the chipmunk’s brother looking bereft at the feet of an angel statue nearby. Perhaps it was actually shock at having been nearly killed by a vicious animal, but I read sadness and loss in his body posture.

Yet, what a hypocrite I am. Those blasted little rotters did a number of my truck in previous years. They chewed up all the insulation under the hood and gnawed on my cables. I wished them all dead.

So what is the lesson from this encounter? I guess mostly that I am stupid and anthropomorphize vermin. Unless, perhaps, by not better supervising my pup, I have allowed him to create Mexican Joker Chipmunk…..

You think too much. I am a good killer!


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