Biscuit Dust

Geordie is really fond of Breath Buster biscuits, and when he finished a package all that remained were very fine crumbs.  Since he liked the biscuits so well, I figured he would enjoy the crumbs, so I poured them into his bowl and let him help himself.

I didn’t give it another thought until later I saw him sitting up on his haunches, using his paws like a bunny washing her face.  What?!?  Geordie doesn’t wash his face that way!  Upon Biscuit Dust 1investigation, I found that the biscuit dust I had given Geordie had turned into a paste and stuck securely to the roof of his mouth.  I wanted to use my finger to gently dislodge it for him, but he would not let me put one in his mouth.  (The look on his face said that he thought I was going to try to take the food from him.)

Hmm…what can I use?  I know, his toothbrush!  I grabbed his toothbrush (and promised him that could still eat the food) and carefully pried the paste loose.  I thought it was interesting that Geordie would allow a tool in his mouth (but not a hand), and it made me grateful that I had gotten him used to it.

Today’s lesson: if you give your puppy biscuit dust, make sure it is in tiny quantities so it doesn’t stick to his mouth.

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