He Tried It Again


Aagh! There's no princess!I told you, man, I'm a dude.

…but this time he failed thanks to my bad knee.  I couldn’t move fast enough, and Toby wasn’t able to catch the toad.

Two summers ago we weren’t so lucky, and Toby did manage to lick a toad.  At first I thought he had eaten a dandelion gone to seed and was shaking the white fluff off his tongue.  Nope.  We had several hours of rinsing his mouth while watching to see if he needed to be rushed to the emergency vet.

So, do puppies learn from their mistakes?  Not my boy!


Feeling the need to yark after eating a toad?  Consider doing it in one of these eco-friendly, reusable totes!   Made of 100% cotton shell and lining, it washes up in a snap and can be pressed, if you would like. The dog-themed print will be a perfect fit for any epicurious pup.

Dog themed reusable gift bag / tote bag.

These tote bags also make great gift presentation bags.  It is always good when you can keep refuse out of the landfill!

Available at my store.






  1. I’m glad Toby didn’t catch the toad. I didn’t know that about dogs and toads. Nice drawing. Nice store too–I don’t know how you find the time.

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