The Ornament


Christmas tree with picture of Geordie overlooking the scene.

Geordie Christmas Tree Ornament

Now Geordie is not just above the tree but on it.  In the background, I can hear Toby grumbling something about how he “never got a dinner…”

Black and white sketch of Cairn terrier puppy.


Don’t worry, Toby.  Your picture hangs in the hall.


To see my boys getting along, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.  Inside, Bitey and Toby visit the museum of their dreams and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

To see my boys not always getting along, try Poopiter!

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

Poopiter follows Bitey and Toby during their first illustrated year together.


  1. Great ornament and drawing! Max doesn’t have an ornament per se but last year (or year before, I forget, OK Boomer) we got a tiny statue of a Malt wearing a jolly scarf and it looks enough like Max that if it’s dark and we squint, we can pretend it’s him.

  2. Geordie was a Cairn that looked like a Westie (painting and ornament). Toby is a Cairn that looks like a Cairn (sketch). Duncan the Devil…I love it! A perfect terrier name. (Hey, is that a donkey you are hugging? I’m jealous.)

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