As Requested: The Swimsuit Competition!

For friends of Toby and Max: More Back Story

Hey, what happened to your green sweater? I wanted something for summer so I chose a bathing suit. You look ridiculous. It's so old-fashioned!

He dares ca.. ME old-fashioned? And this coming from a guy with a fainting couch! Anyway, I rock this suit.

If your dogs aren’t team players, Photoshop in layers!

Won’t put the suit on?  Use a crayon!

(Then you can make him wear anything you want to.)


Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

For more of Bitey and Toby’s adventures, put on your red shirt and come with them to Poopiter!  (They “promise” not to make you go to the strange planet first.)

Poopiter tells about Bitey and Toby’s first year together.  It is available from Amazon.


  1. Oh noes, I can just see this whole thing escalating and spinning out of control. Seasonal competitive dog outfits. Soon a Trumpian pageant in some lush foreign location with not-quite-celebrity judges. Then the accusations of inappropriate sniffing followed by lawsuits and media outrage. All because of a couple of Santy suits.
    :shakes head:

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