Monday, January 6th

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Photo of museum.

Today Dream Our World went on sale at a museum!  The boys finally got their paw in the door.  Just doing a little celebrating.

Photo of eyeglasses.

Today is also Day 6 of me going without my glasses.  I’ve got to say that so far I like it.  That may change after a while as I find that I can’t use the computer or drive.

I never gave much thought to eyeglass frames, but there are a lot of choices out there.  There a different metals, organic/inorganic acetates, wood, bone, horn, shell and bamboo.  There are even companies that will custom craft your frames based on measurements you take of your face with your phone.

While it seems interesting to have eyeglass frames custom made in Europe, I  worry what would happen if I ever needed a repair or a new prescription.  I started going to an optician years ago so that I could have same-day service rather than having to wait 2 weeks for my frames to be sent to a lab.  How much worse it would be if the company were overseas.

So far, I have made no frame decisions but continue doing my eye exercises every day and avoid a lot of computer work.  Toby likes it because we are spending more time outside.  I enjoy looking at trees and buildings and hillsides to challenge myself as to how much detail I can see.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

Maybe soon you won’t be tripping over me when we go out, Batty?






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