I Didn’t See It Coming

Unfortunately based on a true story:

Guess what? It snowed!

Why don't you guys have some breakfast before we go out? Puppy: No, I'm too excited to eat.

Not today, thank you/


Puppy makes snow angels.

Puppy dives into fresh snow.

Puppy does the backstroke in fresh snow.

Puppy digs in fresh snow.

Hello...what's this? They grew back?

Here, let me help you get some of those s ow balls off of you.

Maybe you shouldn't have rubbed my tummy when I am so excited.

I had another surprise hit me that I didn’t see coming.  (Ha ha)   I  developed a reaction to the plastic on my eyeglass frames.  It has become so painful that I have stopped wearing them.  The catch is that my vision is something like 20/1000 without them.

Before I begin a serious search for hypo-allergenic frames, I am starting an eye exercise program that is supposed to improve or even fix a person’s vision. It would be great if it worked so I didn’t need glasses anymore.

In the meantime, don’t worry if Bitey Dog seems a bit fuzzy or my typing is worse than usual.  It is just me getting used to my natural eyes.


Toby innocently stands there, wondering what mommy is looking at.

Does this mean you can’t see me getting into trouble now?


If you haven’t spent all of your Amazon gift card money yet, consider ordering a copy of Dream Our World.  In it, Bitey and Toby go on an adventure to the Museum of the Imagination and view the world of art from a canine perspective.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon…and soon at a museum!






    • Thank you for the good wishes! Actually, my frames are wire. They are titanium. From looking briefly online, I have found nearly all wire frames have plastic coating on the sides. I also have to be careful of metals because I can react to them as well. Being me is complicated. : – (

  1. I hope you find some good frames, that don’t cause pain, soon. That must be awful. 😦

    HA! Your unfortunately-true-story made me snort-laugh! 😀 😛

    Cooper loves the snow and has such short legs he gets covered in it when he tries to walk in just few inches of snow. It’s cute, though. 😀

    HA! Yes, sometimes it’s best when Human-Beans don’t see what our pooches are doing…and probably visa-versa for them! 😉 😮 😀
    HUGS!!! PATS!!! and RUBS!!! 🙂

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