Toby’s Hydrangea


Aaah! The “hydra” in hydrangea stands for “hydrate”.

Well, here is Toby’s hydrangea. As you can see he was very creative with his colors making his flowers everything from white to purple. My little boy does enjoy his work.

Cairn terrier stalking prey

Actually mom I cheated. I used these!


Add some colorful flowers to your day with this lovely Floral Tote Bag. The floral bag can also be used as a gift presentation bag instead of disposable paper or plastic ones. Floral Gift Presentation Bag can be used over and over. In fact, the bag itself can be part of the gift!

Floral Gift Presentation Bag is available form my shop.

Floral Gift Bag in pastel colors


  1. I’m torn as to whether Mr. Toby is an artist or chemist. We all know that a pH below 6 produces blue/lavender hydrangeas and a pH over 7 creates pink blooms. Now, given that your common or garden dogger’s urine has a pH of 7.0-7.5, (and we assume Big T fits the standard range) we have to assume he likes the pinks. But…it appears he has chosen to blend his production which suggests his focus is more creative than scientific. Or perhaps I am over thinking this.

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