Before and After

Huh...who knew it was all fur?

Yesterday was Toby’s first grooming appointment. I was comforted to find out he was just as evil and bitey for the groomer as he had been for me. (Now I don’t take it as personally.)

As I was checking out, I asked if we wanted to schedule another appointment, would we be welcome or should we call someone else. Surprisingly, they said they would take Toby back. Suckers!!

What made me smile was just how happy Toby has been since his grooming. He has been cheerful and playful and in a great mood. It may be unrealistic, but I hope he makes the association between being groomed and feeling good. Maybe he won’t be so incorrigible next time.


  1. Maybe the mats were pulling on his skin and making him grumpy? I know our groomer said when she could finally reopen after the scamdemic, there were dogs who were so badly matted that their skin actually bruised when the mats were removed. I know Toby wasn’t that bad, but it might have been hurting him. Fingers crossed that’s the answer!

  2. Oh, Toby! You got your hair done and your nails did at your Spa Day! You look so handsome!
    Hope each time you go you feel more comfortable, safer, and etc! Did the groomer give you any tasty treats?!
    I always think doggies DO feel better after getting groomed. Just like we Human-Beans feel better after a bath or haircut, etc. 🙂
    PATS and RUBS and HUGS to your Mom!!! 🙂
    PS…”Huh, who knew it was all fur!” made me snort-laugh! 😛

  3. I am sure he feels a lot cooler. He looks very handsome after his hair cut. Don’t let Max know that Nox has been admiring Toby. He’ll be disappointed that he doesn’t have her full attention.

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