Tell Me Something Good

Woman and dog dance with joy at seeing the first tulip of the year.

Unexpected joy.

I heard some hosts on TV discussing unexpected good things that have happened to them from the shelter in place order.  One man  used his exercise cycle more and lost several pounds.  Another host was learning to cook since she couldn’t go out to eat.  Several people said their pets were thrilled to have their parents home all the time.

In this neighborhood, people have cabin fever, so they are walking their dogs several times a day.  Humans catch up on news shouted across the street  while pups exchange their own news on every blade of grass.

What is an unexpected joy in your life thanks to this viral adventure?

Cairn terrier sleeping in kennel.

I  like to spend my shelter-in-place time vigorously napping.


Speaking of adventures, Bitey and Toby can help to take our mind off of being at home with their latest book Dream Our World.  All the real museums are closed, but you can still come to The Museum of the Imagination and view the world of art through the eyes of my pups.  Each page has layers of fun to it from the artwork itself to the pups’ reactions as well as the unique names given to each piece.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Toby says:  I highly recommend this work.  The characters are so compelling.

Dream Our World would make a great introduction to art for the little ones in your life.

Dream Our World is available from Amazon but not from any museums ’cause – you know – they’re all closed.