Muffins & Pears

But mom, everyone loves muffin tops! Remember that episode of Seinfeld?
Oh wait...
Jeez, just how much weight did you put on? That's the thing...I didn't gain any!

Ha! Father Time’s a bitch, ain’t he?

Real Life Toby is smug that he can eat anything and still look cute. Real Life Mommy is grumpy that she is most likely going to have to hand even more money over to Walmart in exchange for a pair of pants. Or a muumuu.


This is the season for so many happy occasions! Whether a graduation or a birthday or an anniversary, your gift will make a real impression when presented in this reusable Gift Presentation Bag. After your gift has been given, it can be used to present yet another gift, or it can be used as a handy tote.

Zodiac Gift Presentation Bag (and others) can be found in my shop.


  1. The ads generated for your blog are hilarious! I kid you not: “Jockey Pouch Brief, White 6-pack, size 5 XL”. I’m tempted to click on in order to have your blog generate some moula for you, but I don’t want jumbo men’s tighty whitey ads following me around the internet.

  2. Just testing here… so do you think they’re out there? The UFOs being recorded by the military. Are we alone in the universe? Are we the ant farm of the universe? Life dancing on a pinhead? What about Kierkegaard and Kafka? The alienation of Camus? Should we have sartorialist goals and accept that it is better to look good than to feel good? What is the meaning of life? Sparky Shultz was right. Happiness is a warm puppy. 🐶

    Blog away and bring on the weirdo ads! I’m doing my part, too! 🤓

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