Happy Toby

Things are so much better with my little Toby that I had to draw some pictures of us. It’s like I have my sweet little puppy back again. We have been doing so many fun thing lately that it makes my heart hurt. I can see in his face that he feels he is finally breaking through with training me.

When we go for walks, he will stop at random places and ask for hugs. (Eeee!) He does tricks nearly as well as Geordie. (Toby is more food oriented, so a good training session to him is when he can steal at least one treat.) My folks have been teaching him to say “Ruh-ro” like Scooby Doo and swear that he has said it on at least two occasions. In the evenings, we sit on the floor while he chews on hooves. A few times he has draped his head over my leg and gone to sleep after he was done.

I am so happy to have my happy boy back with me.

Toby gets a tiny treat whenever he goes into his kennel. He insists that his toys also get a treat (which Toby kindly eats for them).

Smile, Toby. You are one loved little guy!


Still looking for that perfect holiday gift? Than look no more! Bitey Dog and Toby are here to share their latest adventure in Dream Our World. Inside, the boy visit the museum of their dreams and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.

Dream Our World


  1. Toby must have gotten the memo from Santa about the nice list and the naughty list and adjusted his behavior accordingly. Or maybe he was visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past and Geordìe provided some stern advice to shape up. Anyway, this is great news; the Tobester is back in good graces and happy again.

  2. The joy-tears are flowing! I am so very happy to hear this! YAY for Toby! 🙂
    YAY for Toby’s Mom! 🙂
    I want so much for all of our furry-kids to be happy! 🙂
    I wish Toby could know that his sweet face gives me great joy! Thank you, Toby! 🙂
    ❤ and (((HUGS))), PATS and RUBS!!! 🙂 (or PANTS and RIBS if these are more enjoyable! 😀 HA!)

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