Gender Reveal

A few nights ago, I was throwing tennis balls for Toby. One time, I decided to let Rah Ru the tiger throw one of the balls.

In this picture, I am hugging a sock. – Rah Ru

Afterward, I praised the toy, ”Good boy, Rah Ru! Great throw!” Then I started to wonder, was Rah Ru a boy or a girl? Did Toby think of his tiger as having a gender? The idea dawned on me, why not ask him?

Boy or Girl

I gathered up the B and G flashcards so I could ask Toby “Boy or Girl?”. We went through a quick list of humans and pups we knew so I could make sure we were on the same page. He got them all right. I moved on to the toys and asked him, ”Is Rah Ru a boy or a girl?” In case you were wondering, Rah Ru is a girl. (Oops. Bad mommy. )

As for Blue Puppy, Blue puppy is a boy.

Toy kitty with stuffing ripped out of its head.

Humpty Kitty is a girl

Tiger turned out to be a girl too.

Mommy, however, is still a boy.

This exercise turned out to be a breakthrough moment for Toby and me. Since then he has been excited to do flashcards. I think this gives him a chance to tell me things he otherwise couldn’t.



  1. One look at the lovely Humpty Kitty and it’s easy to tell that one is female, right? Less so for Tiger who seems to lack any equipment that might point to a specific gender. Has Toby gotten any trans-stuffies? That might confuse him a bit.

  2. Wonderful! And important info to know! Thanks, Toby! 🙂
    Cooper is not quite that communicative! 😉 But, he has that exact same blue dog toy and he treats it like a boy (rough, fight-y). Same with his fox and his tiger. BUT, his doggie girlfriend and his little bunny rabbit he treats like they are girls. (soft, gentle, hump-y) 😀 It’s cute to watch how different he treats certain stuffies!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PATS and RUBS for Toby!!! 🙂

      • Ooh! That’s interesting! Thinking about the way he treats them…he definitely treats his Girlfriend dog like a girlfriend. She’s was already here when he adopted me and came to live with us. So he’s known her since day one…he was barely 6 weeks old. I always called her “Girlfriend” and so he learned her “name” quickly. 🙂
        He doesn’t groom the fox, but he does groom the bunny. He will lick the bunny and then lay his chin on her. Maybe she is like a child to him. He’s so gentle and calm, I think he’d make a great Dad. 🙂 He, also, likes to carry Bunny from room to room to be wherever he is. 🙂
        Cooper will bring his stuffies to you if you ask for them by name “Fox”, “Bunny”, etc. When I’ve been ill or when I was going through my cancer journey and I’d be laying on the bed, he’d bring a stuffie to me. Then he’d lay down by me and not leave my side until I was ready to get up. 🙂
        Aren’t they amazing creatures?! Our pups! 🙂

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