Laid Off Again (Naturally)

Hmm, is anyone else hearing the Beatles?

Anyway, my latest job ended. On my last day, I was walking a pretty pup in temps that turned out to be 11 when you factored in windchill. I hadn’t grabbed my gloves because I thought our walk would be short due to the cold and the late hour. The pup had other ideas. She had been cooped up in the house too long and really needed to stretch her legs, so she insisted we take a much longer walk than I’d intended.

The whole time we were walking I kept telling her how cold my hands were and could we please hurry home to where it was warm. When we finally made it back to her house, this dear girl walked over to me and put my hands in her mouth to warm them up. I was so touched! I thanked her over and over because it really did feel good.

It’s amazing how much our animal companions understand us and how much they care.

I am sweeter than sugar!

Not me. I would have bitten that momsicle.


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