A Late Easter Post


Snowy night scene.

Robin's egg sitting on porch step.

What a difference from last year to this year!  Last Easter brought a tiny robin’s egg to our step.  This year brought 6″ of snow.

I happen to love these early morning, above freezing snows, so I wasn’t disappointed to wake up to a frosted wonderland. It is so magical to be outside in the cold, damp, fresh-smelling air.  I am fortunate that my pups love this kind of weather as well. (Sorry.  My battery died before I could get a better picture of the snow.)

On this morning, Toby was so excited to see the snow that he practically burst through the front door to get to it.  I put him on his 50′ leash and just let him run and run as much and as fast as he wanted.  Scratch that.  There is no such thing as enough time in the snow to Toby.  Geordie wasn’t quite as thrilled as his brother, but I was happy that he got to see another snow.

It is still hard on me knowing that this will be my little boy’s last birthday and his last snowfall.  It is the natural course of events, but it is still hard.  I have been trying to give him everything he could possibly want, but instead of making a happy pup, I have created a tyrant.  Geordie was always strong willed, but now that he realizes that I won’t push him, he is taking advantage.  Will I stop? Of course not.  An obnoxious pup is a small price to pay for allowing myself to feel that I’ve done everything I can for him.

I am nowhere near finished telling stories of the times we have spent together.  You can catch up on what we’ve been doing with out latest book Poopiter.

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

If you are facing the dilemma of still needing a blanket because of the cold weather yet wanting to celebrate Spring, try adding this Butterfly Quilt to you home.  It is a patchwork beauty featuring dozens of hand-appliqued butterflies.  The entire quilt is quilted by hand and is sure to bring a smile to anyone sleeping under it!

Patchwork Butterfly Quilt, Twin Sized, Handmade

This, and many more things of beauty, are available at my store Needful Things of Salem.


The Easter Egg

I can’t remember the last time I had an Easter egg to find.  You can imagine my surprise when I was heading out to look at the garden and found this little guy sitting on the backs step!

Robin's egg sitting on porch step.

He was just so perfect and Easter-y looking in his aqua shell.


Bitey Dog’s book, A Tired Mommy Is a Good Mommy is available in paperback at Amazon.  (Also comes in Kindle format.)  It would make a great gift for Mothers’ Day!