Speckled Eggs at Easter

Can you find the eggs hidden in this picture?

Since I took this picture, the Mama Killdeer (or perhaps it was the Papa Killdeer?) laid another egg.

Here is one of the parent (birth-giver?) birds sitting on the nest. When they are still, it can be quite difficult to find them.

If Toby comes near the nest, the Killdeer try to lead him away from it. This parent (I mean birth-giver) is right on the edge of the gravel heading toward the grass.

If the bird still feels threatened, it will poop while running away. Then it will chirp a lot and do a broken wing display. Toby is very entertained by this. He has high hopes that someday he will catch this bird.

The Killdeer made this nest at a nearby church. I am sure to them it seemed like a wonderfully peaceful location with hardly anyone around. Then along came Easter, and the world went crazy. But, perhaps they did this on purpose. Maybe sitting on a nest is boring, and this is like theater to them.

Let’s make it interactive theater, shall we?


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Little Bird, Little Bird…

…fly through my window!

Baby robin stands in grass

Note, little bird, that the song did not say “Poop on my lawn chair!”  or “Make my small dogs bark!”.  You really should reconsider your agenda for the day.

Robin Faux Hawk 2

When Geordie was a puppy, he had a bird friend:  The Faux-hawk Robin.  This bird had a peculiar feather-do that made him easy to spot.  After that first friend, Geordie was never playful with birds again.  I am glad I got to watch the two of them together.

Robin and Geordie - Copy


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