Hello Friend, Welcome Home

Hello friend, welcome home

Hello friend, welcome home.*

Dear Max, we are all so happy you are here with us. I hope you will continue blogging from across the Bridge like I do. Someday. When you feel up to it.

(I know Daddy likes black & white line drawings best. ❤️💕)

*Trick of the Tail

Black and Whitey Dog

What's going on?  Budget cuts.

When the pencils are gone, this will be the new normal.


Coming soon: How to Train an Incorrigible, Determined, Intelligent Terrier


While the Bitey World still has color, consider adding some bright sweaters to your home!

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Little Bird, Little Bird…

…fly through my window!

Baby robin stands in grass

Note, little bird, that the song did not say “Poop on my lawn chair!”  or “Make my small dogs bark!”.  You really should reconsider your agenda for the day.

Robin Faux Hawk 2

When Geordie was a puppy, he had a bird friend:  The Faux-hawk Robin.  This bird had a peculiar feather-do that made him easy to spot.  After that first friend, Geordie was never playful with birds again.  I am glad I got to watch the two of them together.

Robin and Geordie - Copy


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