The Spider and the Fly

(Not my image.)


“Oh my”, said the fly

”Dear spider, come see

My gossamer tablecloth

Laid out for tea.”


“In the shade of the tree

We’ll have crumpets and scones

And while away time

Till the afternoon’s gone.”


“And while we are chatting

Come look at my phone!

See the wonderful website

That I have done.”


“It’s all about you

And your wonderful home.

The lattice-work structures

with your silk you have sewn.”


Spider looked at the screen

And was quickly entranced.

She could not look away, 

Not even a glance.


And with that

Tricky Fly was a fly celeb

’Cause nasty ol’ spider

Was caught in ‘the web’.


I’d eat ’em both if you’d give me the chance.


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