I Always Thought Sunflowers Were Happy…


…but maybe not this one. It appears she did too much partying over the weekend, and on Monday I found her face down in the spinach.

Ha ha!

Ha Ha!

Her sisters stood over her laughing at how she couldn’t hold her booze.

Ugh, somebody hold my petals!

Can’t wait to get rid of those pukey flowers so I can get back to digging!


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If Jim Henson Designed a Sunflower

Has anyone ever seen a sunflower like this one? It is a first for me. I thought it looked like something Jim Henson would dream up.

Ordinary sunflower

This is the flower right next to it. I planted them both from the same batch of seeds. They are supposed to be giant plants with 12-14″ heads like the one below.

Photo of drooping, giant sunflower head.
Cairn terrier peeing.

I peed on it. Doesn’t that make it MY sunflower?

This is also my first attempt with the new editor. While not terrible, it doesn’t feel like an improvement. It just seems like a lot more clicks to accomplish the same work.


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