Want Some Dipping Sauce With That?

Hey look...chicken nuggets!s!

Not that Toby is always hungry or anything.


If you think chickens are adorable (or delicious. Your pick.), then consider adding this Chicken and Egg Cross Stitched Bread Cloth to your table. Homemade, warm, crusty breads (or breads you claim are homemade!) presented on a beautifully decorated bread cloth will taste even better when served to guests.

Country Fresh

Chicken and Egg Cross Stitched Bread Cloth is available from my shop.


  1. In our strange little world we have this strange little tradition that if one person mentions chicken nuggets, the other has to reply, “The very best part of the chicken!” It all came about due to a conversation (alcohol may have been involved) where we each tried to describe exactle where on a chicken can one find the nuggets.

    • In our family there is a chicken nugget tradition too. Years ago I made a card for my mom asking if she knew where chicken nuggets came from. Then I drew a picture of a chicken pooping nuggets. She sent the card back saying, ‘…and no I DON’T want to know where dipping sauce comes from!!”. (All the good families have chicken nugget stories.)

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